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Sunward Co., Ltd., is a Japanese manufacturer of brushes and a variety of other products.
We have three policies that we value on a daily basis: striving to develop new things, satisfying customers, and contributing to society.
With these policies as our foundation, we supply the world with high-quality products from Japan.

Main products

Antistatic brushes TOREL


  • Special shapes and manufacturing processes for outstandingly effective dirt removal

    Our brushes have the same sort of shape as brushes used in car wash machines. Their multiple edges, which are soft and extremely small, remove dirt more effectively than ordinary, hair-bristled brushes do, and the soft texture created by the forked bristle tips helps prevent scratches. All of the products can also be ordered without forked bristles.

  • Contain an antistatic agent

    The low-density polyethylene has an antistatic agent worked into it. Although the polyethylene is nonconductive, there is no rise in voltage in the area where there is friction due to contact with the resin. And while commercially available brushes with conducting bristles, such as metal or carbon bristles, are expensive, we can provide our brushes at low prices.

  • Feature hook-and-loop fasteners for easy attachment and removal

    Because of their simple design, our brushes can be attached to anything. Just attach the hook-and-loop fastener, with its adhesive coating, to the nozzle of your ionizing air gun or vacuum cleaner and wrap the brush around it.

  • Bristle tips can be washed and reused

    If the tips of the bristles become dark, wash them in a mixture of hot water and neutral detergent. Once some of the dirt has come off, rinse the brush in running water and dry it, and then you will be able to use it again. To reduce failures, it is best to replace the brush several times a day. Just as you would with a toothbrush, replace our brush with a new one when the bristle tips become curled and spread out.

  • Yellow tint to make dirt stand out

    There is a reason why our brushes are bright yellow. As you use a brush, dirt sticks to the bristle tips and darkens them. If the bristle tips become saturated with dirt, then the bristles will transfer the dirt to whatever you are using the brushes on. If the bristle material is of a dark color, such as black or gray, then there is no way to know how dirty the bristles may be. With yellow bristles, however, you can see right away when they are getting dirty. And the yellow color also makes it easy to see if the fine, forked bristle tips are falling off. (We are also able to manufacture our brushes without forked-tipped bristles.)

Specifications and ordering

When ordering, indicate the bristle length and whether you would like straight or round brushes. Round brushes have an “R” at the end of the product number. Although we normally process the tips of our products’ bristles to make them forked, we can also manufacture all of our products without forked bristles. If you would like products without forked bristles, indicate this at the time of your order.
If you would like special processing carried out, such as bristles that are more than 100 mm long or the use of different bristle lengths in a single brush, contact us for pricing.
Example of an order format: MTB-1150R-60mm 10 ea. [i.e., MTB number-①brush width / type / bristle length quantity]

Product No. ①brush width
(Inner diameter in case of round brushes)
②Hook-and-loop fastener width
MTB-1100 100mm 120mm
MTB-1100R about Φ20 120mm
MTB-1150 150mm 170mm
MTB-1150R about Φ40 170mm
MTB-1200 200mm 220mm
MTB-1200R about Φ60 220mm
MTB-1250 250mm 270mm
MTB-1250R about Φ80 270mm
MTB-1300 300mm 320mm
MTB-1300R about Φ100 330mm
MTB-1350 350mm 370mm
MTB-1350R about Φ120 380mm
MTB-1400 400mm 420mm
MTB-1450 450mm 470mm
MTB-1500 500mm 520mm
Special three step brush
300mm 320mm

※The handle of special three step brush will be sold separately.

We can custom-make brushes in the sizes and shapes that you would like.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. We can custom-make brushes in the sizes and shapes that you would like. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.
We can customize brushes to meet your specific needs, e.g., special processing to create features such as different bristle lengths in a single brush, brushes without forked bristles, and bristles that are more than 100 mm long.
Please feel free to contact us.

N.B.: Prices for customized brushes will be provided separately depending on the particular customization options involved.

Other products

  • Traditional brush

    The cross section of the bristles combines three cross-shaped elements, permitting the bristles to hold at least 30% more water than the bristles in conventional brushes. Increasing the water-holding capacity of the brushes not only lets you reduce your water consumption, it also keeps the brushes from holding too much water and becoming too heavy, so these bristles make for a highly cost-effective brush that uses less water and power.

  • Highly foamed traditional brush

    Through the use of highly foamed material containing microscopic bubbles, we have succeeded in creating a cushioning effect and reducing brush weight without compromising on brush performance. The bristles are soft and fluffy, resulting in a brush that is both gentle on surfaces and good at cleaning.

  • Cloth brush

    These brushes feature special, napped tricot fabric that has been directly coated, offering both high water retention and good drip resistance. The napping of the cloth surface makes for good polishing; these brushes are excellent at washing, on a par with washing by hand.

  • Hybrid cloth brush

    Our proprietary thick, two-sided, napped cloth makes for good polishing, and the special slit processing permits fine, precise movement. These woven brushes, which are of the very highest quality, remove dirt no matter where it is located on the object.

  • Sponge brush

    We take highly foamed sponge sheets, slice them thin, and subject the tips to our proprietary “lobster-cut” process to produce a brush that scrapes off and catches dirt. The material used in the brushes has a cushioning effect, permitting the brushes to be used to wash cars delicately.

  • Hybrid brush

    The ideal brush, combining the softness and excellent cushioning of a sponge brush with the advantages of a highly foamed traditional brush suited for fine washing of the smallest details. This hybrid brush, which unites a gentle touch and good cleaning power, features unprecedented cleaning power.

  • Sheepskin brushes

    These brushes are made using carefully selected, natural sheepskin. Although the extremely fine bristle tips are excellent at scraping, the brushes are nevertheless kind to coated surfaces.

  • Special flange-molded pipes

    Our special, flange-molded pipes are polyethylene pipes that have been subsequently subjected to flange molding. With ordinary, injection molding, a different mold is needed for each length of pipe, but in flange molding an extrusion-molded object is molded on its flange, so the pipe can be of any length.



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